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Body Heat was launched in 2013 by Rocoe as a record label and developed through the years as an allround music platform consisting of a label, a party and a collective of djs, producers and musitians who work together under the name of Body Heat Gang Band


We release funk-based party music of all genres: from classic disco to modern electronic house, through boogie, acid jazz and electro-funk, here’s a selection of our sound.


From small to big rooms, from boats to parks, from underdground sweaty basements to rooftops, from mediterranean beaches to the Alps, no path to the groove is left un-walked!

Since 2016, we brought the funk to the most different venues.


Body Heat party is characterized by the very unique peak hour interaction of CLUB AND LIVE music. At the same time, is also home to the best local upcoming djs aswell some high-profile international deejays as Birdee, J Paul Getto, Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai) Opolopo.


Body Heat Gang Band is the label’s in-house band and a brand new project, led by label head and DJ Rocoe. The band’s formation varies in number and composition, changing shape according to the event and performance at hand.

The Gang Band plays every month at the Body Heat Party in the heart of Milan, unanimously recognized as one of the most significant club nights of the city since its inception, giving life to a unique performance that is played live (jazz, funk, soul) but sounds like club (electronic house) music.

Rocoe & Body Heat Gang Band just released the first half of their second album - Body Heat Disco Vol2a,  a collection of instrumental tracks for the dancefloor, characterized by heavy basslines and carnivalesque jazz-funk themes.

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